How to start a blog and start earning money with ads

Hello Again! Hope you guys are staying well and safe. I thought of sharing some facts about my early experiences in relation to this blog which I am posting for some times. However, I should quote that this blog is not yet started earning money, I am also studying about blogging, SEO, Content marketing and running ads on blogs. All in all, lets start step by step guidance on starting a blog from scratch and publish right away.

One this I want to quote here is that you don’t require coding knowledge in order to maintain a blog and run it. But, there are costs involved in maintain websites on internet which are intent to run on commercial purposes.

Starting a blog was not my first try to earn money online. I had been trying to make money on internet for a while, however, since starting a website and running ads on it is an interesting matter to study. Hence, I thought of investing on this and give it a try.

This post may contain some affiliate links. This means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase through these links (at no extra cost to you!). I use and love all the products and services listed below! You can read our full disclosure here.

How to actually start a blog

You have to follow the below steps in order to start your own Blog. If you are not self-hosted, then you cannot make money blogging. Also, if you are not self-hosted, then you cannot monetize your blog. However, before the host, you need website and a dashboard to manage your blog.

I am suggesting to start your journey with WordPress.Com in when starting your blogger journey. There are tremendous pros with relation to Few of them are,

  • Free to Use: You don’t need to purchase a domain name or web hosting. provides a free subdomain and hosts your site’s data for you at no extra cost. It also provides 3GB of free space.
  • Easy to Set Up: All you have to do to start using is create an account and give your site and URL a name.
  • Easy Maintenance: You don’t have to handle things like updates or backups since handles that for you.

Bonus tip

If you register via following link to WordPress.Com, you can enjoy a $25 credit on your first year registration of premium plan and first year .com domain registration is free.

Collect your credit here!

Upon registration of your profile, you can select your own template and publish your website right away.

Congrats! You’re now a blog owner! Start posting content, getting readers and making an income doing something you love! 

I’ll keep you posted on the next article about how to request for Google AdSense and start earning money!

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